One of the best things about having extra money on hand is the chance to get a taste of the good life. If you’re well past the point of living paycheck to paycheck, you’ve probably contemplated treating yourself to a wide range of luxury items. But keep in mind that […]

Luxury Items Worth the Extra Bucks

Ever look at those rich people and wonder how they managed to accumulate so much dough? Here’s one secret: Many wealthy folks didn’t start out that way. In fact, many grew up quite poor, so much so that even once they starting making money, they continued to live as though […]

Getting Rich by Living Poor

Parks are important to many families across the United States. It allows for a great time spent in a location where the family can have a picnic, sit back, relax, talk about memorable things and enjoy the amenities provided. Not all parks have the same amenities – some more than […]

Parks to Visit in Phoenix: Fun for the Entire Family

You can get a start on your competitors by choosing the hottest areas to live in Phoenix. You have five years from now to get an edge on your competitors in how you invest. It is not easy to predict the future in the real estate market, but in the […]

Forecast of Top Phoenix Neighborhoods to Live and Invest in ...

Phoenix, Arizona a perfect place to come enjoy all year round for its wonderful outdoor amenities. The grid traffic system here in Phoenix makes it easy to get around the city without running into lines of traffic. As the largest city in Arizona it seems hard to believe traffic is […]

Phoenix Outdoor Hotspots

So many people in the Phoenix area rely on the bus service to get to and from work, school, or to simply run errands. Transdev offers 34 different bus routes for passengers, however passengers were left wondering whether they would be able to travel these routes after the possibility of […]

Bus Union Strike in Phoenix On Hold

The heat wave sure has been hitting the west coast hard and that includes Phoenix Arizona. This Wednesday in February, Phoenix just hit an all new record as it hit the earliest recording in the year of 90 degree weather ever. A few days prior the National Weather Service had […]

Phoenix Summer Coming Early

Shea Homes Arizona began their production of model homes in the Mesa area back in September of 2015. The company planned to build three new model homes, with the company’s signature Shea3D innovation. Once the models were completed, the company planned to develop Ambition at Eastmark, which will include 99 […]

Shea Homes Arizona Opening in Eastmark

The start of 2016 was not ideal for the stock market. The Dow Jones Industrial average nearly plummeted 400 points as the problems with the Chinese equities markets expanded to other areas of the global economy. The massive sell off began after the People’s Bank of China made one of […]

Dow Down 400 Points

The holiday season should be one filled with joy and happiness, but unfortunately this might not always be the case. Lower income families might have trouble purchasing new gifts for their children, but still want to make sure they receive gifts from Santa under the tree. These families look to […]

Phoenix Families Scammed Out of Christmas Gifts