Arizona Coyotes Make Possible Move to Phoenix Area


Even though the Arizona Coyotes, who are part of the National Hockey League, are not the best team on the ice, they still have avid fans supporting them through every hardship. Some were upset to learn that in June of this year the Glendale City Council voted to end their lease agreement with the team, who plays their games at the Gila River Arena. Fortunately in July, the two agreed on a resolution to allow the Coyotes to continue playing for the following two seasons. Even though the team has home ice to play on, they are still contemplating an arena move to the Phoenix area.


Talks of a possible move to Phoenix

Because negotiations were made and the Coyotes are still able to stay in Glendale, the team is not necessarily looking to move out of the of the Glendale area. However the team’s co-owner, Anthony Leblanc, stated that there are some enticing offers in the Phoenix area. He said that because of the end of their lease in the summer, they were forced to look for other options. It was surprising to see a number of communities around the valley, who were interested in the team playing in their area. This type of move is something that needs to be considered, especially since the city of Glendale has changed their mind in the past, who knows where the team will stand after the 2017 season.


Combination stadium for Arizona teams?

Another possibility for the Coyotes, would be to share a joint arena in the Phoenix area with the Phoenix Suns basketball team. It is a great idea from the city’s perspective and it just makes sense. Popular big cities are host to two sporting teams playing at the same arena. For example the Chicago Bulls basketball team and Chicago Blackhawks hockey team both share the United Center venue for games. Another option for the Coyotes would be a joint facility with Arizona State University, located in Tempe Arizona. ASU’s hockey team plays on campus, and it could be a good option to keep the Coyotes in the valley. LeBlanc understands the loyalty of the fans and wants to make sure any move the team makes will be in the best interest of everyone. The team is absolutely planning to stay in Arizona, so fans do not have to worry about that.


Third option for future stadium

A third option available to the Coyotes hockey team for stadium play is the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum. LeBlanc, outside consultants, and the new arena consultant Mitchell Ziets all met with officials from the Coliseum to discuss a temporary basis after the arena lease expires in 2017. Assistant executive director of the Arizona Exposition and State Fair, Jen Yee, confirmed that the Coyotes have met at least twice with officials from the Coliseum, so it is something that they are carefully considering.

One thing is for certain, and that is the Arizona Coyotes will definitely remain in state. We look forward to learning of new developments in the team’s future venue.