One of the best things about having extra money on hand is the chance to get a taste of the good life. If you’re well past the point of living paycheck to paycheck, you’ve probably contemplated treating yourself to a wide range of luxury items. But keep in mind that […]

Luxury Items Worth the Extra Bucks

Ever look at those rich people and wonder how they managed to accumulate so much dough? Here’s one secret: Many wealthy folks didn’t start out that way. In fact, many grew up quite poor, so much so that even once they starting making money, they continued to live as though […]

Getting Rich by Living Poor

The start of 2016 was not ideal for the stock market. The Dow Jones Industrial average nearly plummeted 400 points as the problems with the Chinese equities markets expanded to other areas of the global economy. The massive sell off began after the People’s Bank of China made one of […]

Dow Down 400 Points