Forecast of Top Phoenix Neighborhoods to Live and Invest in the Next 5 Years

Forecast of Top Phoenix Neighborhoods to Live and Invest in the Next 5 Years

You can get a start on your competitors by choosing the hottest areas to live in Phoenix. You have five years from now to get an edge on your competitors in how you invest. It is not easy to predict the future in the real estate market, but in the Phoenix neighborhood, it is safe to say that anyone can benefit from the improved lifestyle that will exist in the next five years. For one, there is an Apple building facility that is set to open in East Mesa offering light rail to commuters. In south Scottsdale, there will be a major construction project including a robotic valet service. Let’s look at other forecast to expect in this growing neighborhood, which will be highlights for newcomers.


In the next few years in the area of Sunnyslope, you can expect to see rising gas prices and interest rates. This will result in high commute costs. Therefore, it will be easier for new residents to live in close proximity to the light rail. Businesses will benefit from the easy inflow of customers using the light rail. When the interest rate increases, the amount of real estate that you can purchase will go down. For that reason, the housing market will get hot. The expansion to take place with the light rail will make areas like Royal Palm and North Central Heights really competitive.

Edge City

Edge City is going to be popular for its robotic valet service. This new and advanced technology will create an attraction for new residents of the Silverleaf community of condos. All you have to do is to drive your hybrid vehicle onto the steel tray provided and walk to a private elevator opening to your penthouse while leaving the robots to do the parking for you. To summon the robots again, you press the button and your car will be presented to you in minutes by the same robot. Interesting, isn’t it?


There will be a college expansion in Garfield is going to bring more students out of town. It may also bring new residents interested in attending locally. In addition, the community is set to add corner grocery stores, murals and bright paint on buildings; trees will be planted and a huge development project will soon begin. This area will have an artsy appeal to those who live there, visitors and new residents.

Grand Avenue and Seventh Avenue

These areas are in an urban pocket, close to almost everything including grand apartment buildings with edgy studios. Center 8 is set to have new townhomes with their timeless sophistication that many residents will enjoy. If you are looking for futuristic real estate and cool cafes, you will love these areas. You will get to hang out in the local attractions every day of the week.

Central City South

Central City South is close to downtown and the land is dirt cheap. The community is diverse with various income earners. You have your pick of historic homes, medical schools, universities and government offices. Enjoy authentic restaurant dining and access to a busy night life.