Luxury Items Worth the Extra Bucks

One of the best things about having extra money on hand is the chance to get a taste of the good life. If you’re well past the point of living paycheck to paycheck, you’ve probably contemplated treating yourself to a wide range of luxury items. But keep in mind that just because something has a high price tag doesn’t mean it’s worth the extra money. On the other hand, certain products are definitely worth the higher cost. Here are a few to consider spending on:

A Quality Mattress

A good mattress can do more than just help you get a decent night’s sleep; it can also help you avoid back and muscle problems. You might spend $2,000 or more on a quality mattress, but it’s a worthwhile investment considering how many hours you spend in bed. Keep in mind, too, that a higher-end mattress can, and should, last about 10 years. When you break down the price in that regard, it’s actually not such a far-out splurge.

Name-Brand Shoes

Whether you’re buying them for yourself or your children, quality, name-brand shoes, like luxury cars, are almost always worth the added expense. Cheap shoes can cause foot pain and actually contribute to long-term problems in children, so even if they look reasonably attractive, you’re better off buying the brands you know.

Nonstop Flights to and from Mesa

Nonstop flights can be pricier than connecting flights, but when you consider the convenience factor, they’re almost always worth the extra bucks. Imagine having to spend hours at a random airport waiting for your connection or, worse yet, missing your connecting flight. If you’re taking a vacation, treat yourself to a direct flight, and take some of the hassle out of traveling.

A Heavy-Duty Winter Coat

If you live in a place with harsh winters, it makes sense to own a coat that can withstand even the coldest of temperatures. If that means shelling out extra money, so be it.

Fancy Car

Getting a really nice mid-level car can pay off in the long run. Once the car is paid off, you can use its value to take out title loans in Mesa, AZ. You use the same car as collateral to take out more loans.

High-End Makeup

Yes, you can find lipstick for $5 at the drugstore, but who’s to say it’s the right color for you? When you buy quality, high-end makeup, you get the customer service that comes with it, usually to the tune of an educated consultant who can help you pick out the right products. High-end makeup also tends to last longer and is better for your skin.

An Electric Toothbrush

Sure, you can buy a simple toothbrush for less than $5, but an electric toothbrush is more than just an indulgence; it can actually contribute to better oral health. Many dentists recommend electric toothbrushes because they offer a more thorough clean. They even make them for children now.

An Ergonomic Desk Chair

You deserve to be comfortable while sitting at your desk doing whatever it is you do to bring home the bucks. Not only that, but the right chair can improve your posture and help you avoid back and joint problems.

While you will pay a premium for these luxury items, each one is well worth the added cost. As is the case with life in general, treating yourself to quality goods is all about prioritizing and striking a balance. Besides, you deserve to indulge in the finer things on occasion, so you might as well pick the items that offer the greatest reward.