Parks to Visit in Phoenix: Fun for the Entire Family

Parks to Visit in Phoenix Fun for the Entire Family

Parks are important to many families across the United States. It allows for a great time spent in a location where the family can have a picnic, sit back, relax, talk about memorable things and enjoy the amenities provided. Not all parks have the same amenities – some more than others. In the city of Phoenix, people from near and far have access to the exceptional parks and features offered.

The Experience

Locals and visitors have access to 189 parks in the city, which are all opened throughout the year at different times. You can experience and enjoy:

  •       Playgrounds
  •       Walking trails
  •       Athletic fields
  •       Biking trail
  •       Barbecue pit
  •       Picnic tables
  •       Festivals

Each summer, eleven of these parks, upon reopening in May hold splash pads for the entire family to come and participate, children enjoying the thrill and laughter that it produces. There are several parks in Phoenix that you may want to visit. Below are details of the different features.

Papago Park

This park is ideal for the entire family, but more so the kids because of its many playground equipment. Adults can take advantage of the outdoor gym and get a full body weight lifting workout that contends with any commercial gym. The park features picnic areas, fenced dog park, mountain to climb, volleyball courts and a grassy area to play ball. At the Hunt’s Tomb, you can sit and look at the lake, enjoying the view of the Savanna exhibit at the Phoenix zoo. If you love hiking and mountain biking, you can take on the trails and hilly areas where you can view the landing of planes at Sky Harbor.

Japanese Friendship Garden

This park is more of a strolling garden that is closed every Monday and also closed for most of the year – May 31 to October 1. From the gift shop, you can get a map for a self guided tour of the various design features of the garden, its culture and fascinating history. You can participate in a real Public Tea Ceremony facilitated by volunteers in beautiful kimonos. You have to make reservations in advance for this tea house attendance on the second Saturday of every month that the garden is opened to the public.

Civic Space Park

This small park can be found downtown and is easily accessible using light rail transportation service. Hanging over the park entrance is a huge floating sculpture marked “Her Secret is Patience.” This is the most noticeable attraction in the park. This unique piece of artwork grabs the public’s attention, starting dialogues of conversations and opinions. At night the sculpture glows in the dark as the netting dances to the drum of the wind blowing. You can find a splash pad in this park with colored lights glowing at night. If you love to enjoy great music, the park holds various concerts during the year. During the summer, the city offers free yoga lessons in one of the park buildings every Thursday.

Steele Indian School Park

This park is huge and very well maintained. It has a fishing lake filled with ducks. You will love the jogging paths, basketball courts, playground, picnic areas, and palm trees. In the school park building, there are various large festivals and events held during the year. You will find two dog parks, one larger than the other with water fountains for the public and a water faucet for the canines.