Phoenix Outdoor Hotspots


Phoenix, Arizona a perfect place to come enjoy all year round for its wonderful outdoor amenities. The grid traffic system here in Phoenix makes it easy to get around the city without running into lines of traffic. As the largest city in Arizona it seems hard to believe traffic is usually never an issue but their system works well especially since is is rated number six as the most populated city in America. When you’re looking to get closer to nature or just need to get outside look no further than what Phoenix has to offer. Ready to get out but not sure where to go? Not a problem. We have made of list of some of the best outdoor hotspots this city of Arizona has. So without further ado, here we go.


Cosmo Dog Park

A place man and man’s best friend can come enjoy the beautiful Arizona weather. This leashless park is completely fenced in so you don’t have to worry about your animal running away. It is equipped with all kinds of dog friendly attractions. The biggest one is the man made lake that water loving breeds come to splash around. If your dog is a first timer or shy there is a separate area just for them. There is over four acres of doggy water fountains, wash stations, and trash containers designed just for those stinky doggy bags. This park alongs you and your pup to come bond and socialize with other animals as well.


Camelback Mountain

You cannot come to Phoenix and not check out Camelback Mountain. This is iconic venue is a staple for locals. It’s perfect place to get out for a jog, hike, or a bike ride. It is located right in the middle of the valley. Nothing says getting closer to nature than a good walk on the mountainside. It is named Camelback Mountain because that what it appears to looklike from afar. Come enjoy the Arizona landscape and one of the locals favorite spots.


Pinnacle Peak Park

Want to avoid dog walkers and bike riders all together outside. Well Pinnacle Peak Park is your place to enjoy just that. It is strictly a great place for a brisk luxury hike and to come and enjoy a nice picnic in the park. The peak reaches a whopping 1,300 with trails up to the top. Come see the famous Saguaros cactus of Arizona and enjoy the wildlife. This park has restrooms that are readily available so it is wonderful for people of all ages.


Aunt Chiladas

Arizona has a plethora of Mexican cuisine but nothing compares to the experience you will have here. The outdoor dining space allows you and your furry companion to enjoy a nice meal after a hike or if you are just starting your day a warm breakfast. It is located in the Valley and surrounded by a beautiful display of the Squaw Peak mountains. You can enjoy a complimentary mimosa and kids love the chocolate fountain. If you are looking for a good margarita and live music this restaurant is for you. They really have everything for everyone.


Time to get out and enjoy what Phoenix has to offer. Whether you are visiting or just not sure where to get out. These hotspots will keep you coming back for more.