Phoenix Summer Coming Early

Phoenix Summer Coming Early

The heat wave sure has been hitting the west coast hard and that includes Phoenix Arizona. This Wednesday in February, Phoenix just hit an all new record as it hit the earliest recording in the year of 90 degree weather ever.

A few days prior the National Weather Service had predicted that there was going to be a forecast of 91 degrees and that would have broken a 30 year old record that has been held in the city. But by late morning into the early afternoon the temperature was hovering at around 83 degrees. Meteorologists thought that their 90 day predictions were going to be off a bit but they were proven wrong when the thermometers kept ticking. By around 3:40 PM the temperature was up to 89 and in about 30 minutes it 90, breaking the records. It was at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International airport that this was recorded.

The records date back all the way to 1895. The last time that a 90 degree day was recorded in Phoenix in a February was February 24th 1904 and then again on February 24th 1986. The last high that was set was back two years ago on February 17th in 2014 at 88 degrees. It is a hot one in Phoenix, regardless of the time of the year.

How Does it Compare?

The regular temperature around this time of the year in Phoenix is usually 71 degrees and most residents in the area will understand that this is out of the norm. Back in 2015 the first 90 degree day didn’t come all the way until March 16th.

Some residents have noticed what has been happening and one luxury hiker remarked that most of the hiking trails had gone desolate. There haven’t been that many hikers who want to go out in these types of temperatures. Not only does the heat pose a threat but so do rattlesnakes and lizards that are bound to freak some people out.

At a time when most of these creatures are lying dormant in hibernation, experts have confirmed that the lizards and reptiles have been emerging from the earth at a much earlier pace than usual.

A lot of firefighters will go out there and catch the snakes brining them to the desert and out of harms way from the hikers after they get a human at USPS.

In other parts of the west coast Oregon has been gotten a little colder as their heat wave has been brought down. Out in California there has been a similar situation as the beaches are getting flooded with beach goers enjoying the summerlike weather.

There has been three days of record-breaking warmth as the warm weather spread from Los Angeles down to San Diego, bathing the Californians in the summerlike warm sun.

San Diego was not that far behind Phoenix as it was experiences temperatures at 89 degrees. These areas are also beating old records and changing the habits of what people would be usually doing in the winter.